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Karuta To Speech


This application read aloud karuta(japanese cards) to enjoy it only a few people.The read aloud function in this app has been achieved by TTS(text to speech api). For this reason, the quality of the sound that is played will depend on the speech synthesis engine that has been set. It becomes very flat plate of reading now, please understand that point.
Please set of speech synthesis engine yourself.
In the case of Google's standard engine, you will install things Japanese as voice data from the setting.
[ver 2.0 08 March 2016] Trial english function is implemented. If the title of cards is started with "E /", this application uses TTS as english. Also a english proverb dataset is added to online data.
You can create cards set data to read aloud.
1st line : filename (as dummy) 2nd line : name of karuta (title) 3,4,5,... lines : text on each card